Music Promotion

Experts at promoting your music to the right audience and at the right time, we know the most influential DJs, radio producers, TV producers, journalists and bloggers on the planet. In short, we get your music heard.

Why choose Your Army for music promotion? We have an unrivalled track record in raising artist profiles and embedding them within the dance community. The results of our campaigns and promotions include increased bookings, more chances of being offered the right label and licensing deals, increased performance income and, ultimately, critical and commercial success.


Club Promotion

Your Army is internationally renowned for its ability to break records via the biggest and most influential DJs the world over. From our full UK and international service, through to tailored boutique, UK commercial and USA packages we can build a groundswell of support for your releases, where it matters.

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Radio Plugging

Our National UK, Intensive Specialist UK and International Radio Plugging services utilise our key relationships with the highest profile stations, shows and DJs. From delivering number one records, through to securing a new artists’ first plays from influential radio shows, our Radio Department consistently deliver.

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TV Plugging

Your Army has become a trusted source for credible crossover music. With the opening of our TV Department this means we can effectively co-ordinate a campaign delivering to all key media platforms.

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Exceptional relationships with the most influential international music media means we deliver comprehensive coverage across print and online titles. Our strategic thinking, and expertise in social media and wider promotional activity, means we deliver greater impact than most traditional press campaigns.

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Club & Dance Radio Promo USA

We’re the only the electronic music promotions company that can effectively promote to VIP club and 'dance' radio DJs on both sides of the Atlantic. Our Los Angeles office can make a massive difference to an artists' profile in what is currently the world’s most fertile territory for electronic dance music. 

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