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Your Army has some of the freshest and best promos available. Nice easy to use system. Full support from us!





"Your Army is the only promo service with quality control"

Armand Van Helden

DJ & Producer

Armand Van Helden

"I told my manager if you want the good fresh s**t go to Your Army."

DJ Resources

If you're a club DJ and want to keep ahead of the curve, you're in the right place. This is the only place where you will get upfront and exclusive music before general release from the best independent labels and producers right through to the biggest majors and credible pop acts in the world.

We work closely with record labels giving them direct feedback from the best DJs in the world to ensure the packages they release have remixes that appeal directly to you and your audiences. As you can see from the DJ testimonials on our site you are in good company.

DJ Mailing List

To apply to the mailing list click here. This is an exclusive club so the application process is thorough. Please ensure you have as much information as possible to hand including proof of what you do such as fliers, playlists, screengrabs of any online / print coverage about yourself and a current top 10 chart of what tracks are proving your favourites of the day.

The majority of our DJs now prefer music from us digitally. However, if you work in broadcasting or print media or use CDJs and still prefer physical product, please get in touch.


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We deliver music to our club DJs via Inflyte. The benefits of receveing music via Inflyte include:

1. The free app allows users to recieve promos straight to their mobile devices and give feeedback with the minimum of hassle

2. Inflyte promos are the only promos that can be accessed for offline review

3. Dropbox integration provides the convenience of syncing promos direct to Dropbox from your mobile device

4. Inflyte provide a choice of file type